Pal.js UI Typography

The main goal of typography is to describe how design is applied to letters and text. Pal.js UI Typography is based on Eva Design System specification.

Font Family

Pal.js UI theme contains two font-family properties:

  • fontFamilyPrimary - utilized by all text elements on the page
  • fontFamilySecondary - utilized by heading elements (<h1>, <h2>, etc)

By default both fontFamilyPrimary and fontFamilySecondary use 'Open Sans, sans-serif' font family names.


There are 5 text colors available within the Design System:

  • textBasicColor - main text color, should be used on top of basic backgrounds, usually cards, sidebars, headers, available as .text-basic CSS class
  • textAlternateColor - alternative color used on top of alternate backgrounds - colored headers, sidebars, available as .text-alternate CSS class
  • textControlColor - should we used as a text color for status backgrounds (success, primary, etc) - usually buttons, selects , available as .text-control CSS class
  • textDisabledColor - indicates text disabled state, available as .text-disabled CSS class
  • textHintColor - used by secondary texts - captions, placeholders, labels, available as .text-hint CSS class

Text Styles

Pal.js UI typography consist of 14 text styles, where text styles is a combination of font-size, font-weight, line-height and font-family properties:

  • 6 heading styles, used by <h1>-<h6> elements, also available as CSS classes .h1, .h2 ... .h6
  • 2 subtitle styles, used as a text for most of the controls (inputs, menus, etc) with classes .subtitle, .subtitle-2
  • 2 paragraph styles for regular text and <p> element, with classes .paragraph, .paragraph-2
  • 2 caption styles for smaller text like tooltips and input captions, with classes .caption, .caption-2
  • label style, used by <label> element as available as .label CSS class
  • button text style, used by button element

Apply text styles classes and properties

All of the text styles could be applied by simply adding CSS classes to an element:

<input type="email" name="email" />
<span className="caption-2 text-hint">Work email address</span>

Here we added both caption-2 and text-hint making the span to be a caption with a hint text color.

Colors and fonts are also available as theme properties using theme props in styled components:

import styled, { css } from 'styled-components';

export const newComponent = styled.div`
  ${({ theme }) => css`
    .my-text {
      font-family: ${theme.fontFamilyPrimary};
      color: ${theme.textBasicColor};

Customize Typography styles

All text styles and colors are available as Pal.js UI Theme properties. This means that all styles could be easily customized by changing theme variables:

const theme = {
  textCaptionFontFamily: 'fontFamilyPrimary',
  textCaptionFontSize: '0.75rem',
  textCaptionFontWeight: 400,
  textCaptionLineHeight: '1rem',

Complete list of typography variables could be find at Default Theme Variables page.