Start new Next.Js project

Starting Pal.js UI from nextjs-admin-template starter kit is the easiest way to run your first Pal.js UI application.

Please note, that nextjs-admin-template is just a frontend application. Backend integration can be done relatively simple, but you should be aware that all the data is mocked using JavaScript objects. If you want the data to be dynamic, you should consider developing a backend integration by your own. The Pal.js UI team doesn't consider providing generic integration layer as a part of this project because every backend API has a different structure in terms of data format and URLs.

Install tools

To install gatsby-admin-template on your machine you need to have the following tools installed:

  • Git -
  • Node.js - Please note the version should be >=8
  • Npm - Node.js package manager, comes with Node.js. Please make sure npm version is >=5
  • You might also need some specific native packages depending on your operating system like build-essential on Ubuntu
Please note that it is not possible to build nextjs-admin-template without these tools and it will not be possible because of the way how React is built.

Download the code

When you completed tools setup, you need to download the code of nextjs-admin-template application. The easiest way to do that is to clone GitHub repository:

git clone

After the clone completed, you need to install npm modules:

cd nextjs-admin-template && npm i || yarn
Please make sure that installation process successfully completed without errors.

Run local copy

To run a local copy in development mode, execute:

npm run dev || yarn dev

Go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

Production bundle

To create a bundle in production mode, execute:

npm run build || yarn build

This will clear up your .next folder (where release files located) and generate a release build. Now you can copy the sources from the .next folder and use it with any backend frameworks