GraphQL SDL inputs

Generate all Prisma inputs type for GraphQL


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npm i @paljs/plugins


import { mergeTypeDefs } from '@graphql-tools/merge';
import { sdlInputs } from '@paljs/plugins';

export default mergeTypeDefs([sdlInputs(), ...customTypes]);


sdlInputs function using a Prisma generated files dmmf to create DocumentNode have all your inputs type.

takes one arg: you can pass object of options.


interface OptionsType {
  // if you use a custom generated files path you need to import dmmf from this path and send to our function through this option.
  dmmf?: DMMF.Document;
  // take an array of field names to exclude from any input type
  excludeFields?: string[];
  // take a function and the input object as arg and return array of fields you want to generate
  filterInputs?: (input: DMMF.InputType) => DMMF.SchemaArg[];
  // by default when we create update inputs you will set data like {username: {set: "Ahmed"}} by making this option true you will be able to use it like {username: "Ahmed"} without set.
  // but you will also lose these options for number fields
  // increment: x: Adds x to the current value
  // decrement: x: Subtracts x from the current value
  // multiply: x: Multiplies the current value by x
  // divide: x: Divides the current value by x
  // set: x: Sets the value to x (equivalent to data: { age: 18 })
  doNotUseFieldUpdateOperationsInput?: boolean;

// example
import { dmmf } from './prismaCustomPath';
import { mergeTypeDefs } from '@graphql-tools/merge';
import { sdlInputs } from '@paljs/plugins';

export default mergeTypeDefs([
    excludeFields: ['password'],
    filterInputs: (input) => input.fields.filter((field) => !== 'passowrd'),